Sunday, August 29, 2010

Charlie is 3 months!

Wow time flies, I can't believe Charlie was 3 months this past Thursday! He weighs a little over 15 lbs. now and growing like a weed. A few things about Charlie
-He laughs out loud
-He smiles and is kind of shy about it:)
-He can roll from stomach to back
-He can sit in his bumbo now
-He recognizes people and their voices now
-He sleeps in his crib now
-He sleeps through the night
-He likes to watch Duke
-He loves the bath
-He uses his legs to stand all the time now
We love him so much and it's so fun to watch him grow and learn new things each day, I couldn't imagine my life without him! There's no love like the love of your child!

Vegas Trip

We drove to Vegas over August the 11th for a few days and we had so much fun. It was nice to sleep in, go to the pool all day and eat tons of junk food! Charlie did awesome in the car and I think he liked Vegas too, he would stare at all the flashing lights on the strip and wouldn't look away. That vacation was much needed before school started:)

Monday, August 23, 2010

July and August Fun

I was so busy finishing getting everything ready for Charlie in May that I forgot to post a 23rd birthday picture of me. Man I was huge those last couple weeks and so swollen, I don't miss that at all...well maybe the sleep:)

Charlie's 1st Bees Game, he slept the whole time and we had fantastic Chicago dogs!

Charlie's 1st time swimming, he liked it I think he didn't cry so that was good. We just bobbed him around in the water.

I also forgot to post our 2nd year anniversary pictures which was on June 28th. We did the Alpine Slide (my first time) and ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant by the resort. Charlie wasn't quite a month old and I was sad to leave him but it was nice to get away dor a little bit too.

Charlie loves hanging out in this carrier I have on..the Moby, highly recomended!

This kid is growing so fast we had to cut the bottoms off his 3 month pj's at age 2 months:) We resorted to buying 6-9 month things so he can wear them longer than a month.

I love my boys!

24th of July pool party at the Villalobos casa and a mean game of pool volleyball

Charlie loves his cousin McKenzie and isn't that face of his ADORABLE!

And this face!!
hahaha, and this one too!

If Charlie is ever fussy we simply take him outside to close his eyes from the bright sun, get his breath taken away by the wind and get warmed up. He loves it and so do we!

Duke also loves it!

Charlie was blessed by Jonathan on July 11th and it was amazing in every way, from the blessing to all the family and friends that came to support us and to the delicious food! Jon gave Charlie such a great blessing and the spirit was so strong in my heart while listening to it, I just broke down crying the whole time. It fit his little personality so well and I couldn't imagine the words in the blessing being any different.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Weekend and Other Pics:)

We had a fun filled 3 day weekend for the 4th. It's crazy to think that last year Duke was just a small puppy and we had no Charlie man, I like this year better:) We started out with the Murray parade on State Street, a bbq and swimming with friends, another bbq with the family the next day and Monday was a lazy lounge day for me and Jon!

We love our nightly walks in Murray Park

Treats from the cafe in the park..mmmmm

Fireworks at my parents house with the family Sunday night

Kenz and Duke after a long day......of eating junk
The family

Charlie man

Swimming aka laying out for the girls:)

Duke and Tank went Duke pic, maybe next time!

Charlie also started smiling at us recently, it's so fun!! Here are a couple pics of his big smile

Charlie and me got sprayed with silly string by a boy in our primary class..little stinker

He slept the whole parade, almost 2 hours!

The fam at the parade

Bathtime for Charlie at 5 weeks, I love that I have to scrub my baby's hair:)

Floor time on his play mat with mom...oh I just love this boy!